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Did You know Probiotics can also help with depression or being Bi-Polar ?

Always remember that almost all “mental illness” is simply “gut illness and poor dietary intake in disguise” (for the most part. Excess toxicity is also a part of all mental illness. However, please remember that a “big chunk”, if not the clear majority, of excess toxicity that affects your mood and overall state of wellness comes from your own gut.).

Depression and bipolar disorder are not exceptions in regards to Probiotic usage. Neither is schizophrenia, in my opinion. These are all simply simply some form of “gut illness and poor dietary intake in disguise” (for the most part. Excess toxicity is also a part of all mental illness.)

Jiaogulan or the Crown Herb helps Modulate Blood Pressure.

Jiaogulan also known as the Crown herb
223 patients were divided into three groups. One group took Ginseng, the next took Jiaogulan and the last took the blood pressure medication, Indapamide. The effectiveness
was rated at 46% for Ginseng, and 82 % for Jiaogulan. This herb modulates blood pressure, lowering it when it is too high and raising it when it is too low. Unlike Ginseng, Jiaogulan is not a stimulant; it may may be recommended for heart ailments.
Qivana Qore system include the Crown, order your Qore system today!


Hello I wanted to tell you about a great opportunity I have discovered. I am an independent business owner with a company called Qivana, and it’s generating as much excitement as anything I have seen. Qivana is unique in its approach to delivering physical and financial well-being. In conjunction with naturopathic physician Dr. Marcus Laux, Qivana has developed a philosophy based on utilizing a system to promote balance and strength. It’s this philosophy that positions Qivana to produce and deliver a synergistic combination of some of the most potent and effective ingredients found on the planet. From pole to pole and hemisphere to hemisphere, Qivana has searched long and hard to find the best combination of ingredients that deliver optimum results for better health. And it’s this dedication that has sparked so much excitement from me and numerous others who have joined Qivana. I invite you to learn more about the company and the systematic approach to physical and financial health by visiting . I am extremely excited about what I’m doing and I hope that after looking at my website, you will feel the same. Also there is more information on qivana and thier great products in my previous blogs below.


Byron Scarbrough

Why probiotics are good for EVERYONE

Everyone should take probiotics. Why? We live in a toxic world. Things like fluoride even in small amounts kills enzymes in almost everything we eat or drink, even our drinking water. People with infants or small children should also be even more concerned as a compromised digestive system plus the advent of toxins like Mercury from vaccines is the main culprit for the Autism epidemic affecting as many as 1-60 children in areas such as New Jersey.The special probiotic blend in Qivana contains beneficial "friendly" strains from organic sources and most importantly, is coated with three layers to ensure these "good guy" stains survive your stomach acid.
Why could everyone benefit from taking Qivana's probiotic product? Our Western diet, filled with sugar, fatty meat and chemicals, along with our use of antibiotics, give unfriendly bacteria in our gut the advantage. If you’ve been sick or taken antibiotics recently, you need to repopulate the good bacteria in your system. Indications for probiotic use include symptoms of floral imbalance, as well as many other conditions:
• GI sensitivity (cramps, diarrhea/constipation)
• Bloating or foul-smelling gas
• Dysbiosis, including IBS or partially-digested stools
• Yeast infections, thrush, cold sores, diaper rash
• Headaches and migraines
• Joint aches
• Chronic bad breath (halitosis)
• Rosacea, acne
• Fatigue, irritability
• Anorexia and/or bulimia
• Stuffy nose, increased mucus production
• Increased symptoms of PMS, perimenopause, or menopause
• Worsening sensitivity to sugar and fermented products
• Urinary tract infections, whether once in a while, recurrent or chronic
• Worsening symptoms of inflammatory conditions, like asthma
Anybody taking antibiotics or anti-fungal agents should supplement with probiotics during and for at least two weeks afterwards. We also recommend supplementing with probiotics during cold and flu season, and to help ward off food poisoning and parasites while traveling. Several probiotic organisms have been shown effective in the prevention and treatment of traveler’s diarrhea. If you’ve got a trip coming up, Qivana's well-balanced probiotic contains a mixture of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum which have all been shown to boost the immune system. Qivana's probiotic is suitable for vegans as well as the "raw foods practitioner". It is very useful to the lactose intolerant and milk protein (caesin) sensitive individuals as it breaks down dairy products and nutrients consumed so that they can be better absorbed by the body. While the exact mix of strains is a propriatary secret, below is information on Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains which are contained in Qivana's Probiotics:
• Lactobacillus acidophilus (Assist in better digestion of food and nutrients )

• Lactobacillus bulgaricus (alleviates digestive problems)

• Lactobacillus casei (good for lactose intolerance)

• Lactobacillus fermentum (treats urogenitical infections in women)

• Lactobacillus plantarum - reduces mucosal inflammation

• Lactobacillus brevis (study suggests has anti-tumor properties)

• Lactobacillus amylovorus (bad cholesterol reduction)

• Lactobacillus buchneri (improves aerobic stability)

• Bifidobacterium bifidum (immune strengthener, prevents intestinal infections

Please visit my webpage via the below weblink to get your probiotics TODAY!

Health Care and Prescriptions Med TOO much ?

Rising prescription costs and more restrictive drug coverage are among the reasons that more people are going without needed medications.

 The proportion of Americans under age 65 reporting problems affording prescription medications is on the rise after remaining steady in the early part of this decade—from 10.3 percent in 2003 to 13.9 percent in 2007, according to survey findings released last month.

The survey was conducted by the Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC), a nonpartisan health policy research organization in Washington, D.C.

About 36.1 million working-age adults and children went without prescription drugs in 2007 because of cost concerns—about 11.7 million more people than in 2003, according to the survey report.

The report cited a number of reasons for the downturn: higher prescribing rates, drug prices that are rising at a rate faster than that of workers' incomes, higher copays in private insurance, and availability of costly new drugs.

If think you fall within the above description you should take a look at the benefits of Qivana and how it can help lower your health costs

-Stabilize your gastrointestinal health
-Regulate triglycerides
-Increase good cholesterol
-Decrease bad cholesterol
-Regulate blood sugar levels
-Regulate blood pressure
-Increase energy
-Fight fatigue
-Increase healthy liver  function
-Rid your body of heavy metals and toxins; and
-Build your immune system

Not only are you looking at the health benefits of a product with years of scientific research and proven clinical results behind it , but once you start using the products and other see how well it works, they are going to ask what you have doing and I am sure you are also going to want to tell others of your success.

This is the added benefit of Qivana. Once others decide WOW this really does work and they want to become a customer, they are your customer and order through you. This gives you sign on bonus's and commissions that can reduce and elimate your product costs and has the potential to for you to reach you financial goals in life.

There is NO obligation to sell or market anything. You can order and use a great product for your own wellness or that of a loved one or you can look a the financial benefits also.  Please find below my web address if you would like to try some great products and experience the benfits yourself.

There is also a FREE 5 day sample available.

Alarming rate of high cholesterol levels among Americans

The latest data as recorded by the American Heart Association shows an A.  Any total cholesterol level above 200 milligrams per deciliter of blood (written mg/dL) is considered borderline high. Extremely high total cholesterol is any reading above 240 mg/dL and one that puts you at risk for heart disease, liver failure, and other health problems.  Here is some information that may help you better understand this epidemic of American health. 

  • 107 million, or 1 in 5 adults, has cholesterol levels above 200 mg/dL.
  • Almost 38 million more have levels above 240 mg/dL.
  • More women over age 45 have high cholesterol than men.
  • Almost 30 million prescriptions are written each year for cholesterol lowering drugs, accounting for $20 billion in annual sales for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Americans spend $10 billion per year on the statin drug, Lipitor alone
  • In 2001, the statin drug, Baycol used to lower cholesterol was taken off the market due to toxic side effects.
  • Most drugs prescribed today to lower cholesterol are statin drugs.
  • Asians on average have an LDL cholesterol level of less than 95 because of their low fat diet.  Anything under 100 for LDL cholesterol is considered good.
  • Diet and lifestyle changes, without the use of drugs, have been shown to decrease LDL cholesterol in one year’s time by 40 percent on average (from 144 down to 87 mg/dL.)

How the METABOLIQ System works

The METABOLIQ System is based on the concept of macrobalance—eating the right proportions of high-quality proteins, smart carbohydrates and intelligent portions of friendly fats. Getting these portions correctly balanced will forever stabilize your blood sugar, reduce typical energy crashes, eliminate cravings and halt hunger pangs.**
Your body is an amazing bio-machine that requires fuel to run. Although it has the ability to extract energy from a large variety of foods or “fuels,” the diet choices you make have a major impact on how well your body operates. Unfortunately, most of us are working against ourselves by relying far too much on foods high in carbohydrates, which do allow our bodies to survive, but not thrive in a healthy manner. Our bodies are not designed for carbohydrates to be a primary source of fuel in the long-term.

90 Days to Success!

90 Days to Success
The METABOLIQ System is divided into two stages: METABOLIQ™ Burn (the first 90 days), and METABOLIQ™ Lifestyle (which begins at the completion of METABOLIQ Burn). This booklet is focused on helping you successfully complete the Burn stage. METABOLIQ Burn is designed to help you achieve the best results in the shortest period of time. During the next 90 days, you will finally lose weight naturally by eating real foods correctly, safely and adequately. Best of all, this program will stimulate your energy, metabolism and whole body well-being. There is no suffering, only the satisfaction of success with sustainable changes.

Explore Qivana's METABOLIQ System

Qivana’s METABOLIQ System is the only complete lifestyle
management system that is clinically proven to help you live well, lose weight and look and feel better at every age. Intelligently designed from decades of highly focused research and incredible breakthrough discoveries, this scientifically validated program will naturally improve your lean body tissues and help you lose fat. Following the METABOLIQ System, not only will you lose weight, but you will lose the right weight and forever improve your body composition, no matter what your age.
Simple and straightforward, this program is designed to naturally maximize loss of body fat, nourish and maintain your active muscles
and reset and recharge your metabolism. In other words, your body shape, mobility and overall lean body composition will significantly improve. For the first time ever, you can expect real improvements with lasting results, because this program is based on a foundation of proven human clinical research and solid biochemical science, not dubious fads, trends or gimmicks.

Over 60% of America is Overweight

A Proven Approach to
Weight Loss
The market is cluttered with a dizzying array of fad diets, protein drinks and so-called nutrition bars. While some may help you achieve temporary results, too many contain artificial ingredients and synthetic sweeteners. In fact, most all contradict several well-known points of long-term health.
All protein is not created equal. That would be like saying all music is the same. Just like different instruments combine for different effects, the same applies to proteins. Protein is a broad category term that describes a variety of different amino acid combinations. Different protein sources have very different amino acid combinations and each amino acid has specific roles to play in the body.
In addition, successful, sustainable weight loss does not just come from simply altering your protein intake, as many fad diets suggest. Instead it comes from correctly understanding and applying a combination of proteins and carbs; their quality, timing and ratios.
Dr. Layman was the first to uncover and describe the role that specific amino acids play in reducing body fat while building lean muscle mass. The METABOLIQ System was formulated using decades of this cutting-edge research demonstrating unique insight and superior understanding of the relationship between metabolic activities and body composition.
You will experience real results with Qivana’s METABOLIQ System. Its formulas, products, ingredients and programs are the crowning achievement of more than three decades of research, millions of dollars and proven human clinical trials. This system proves that sustainable weight loss and healthy body composition are within your grasp. Nobody else has this program and nobody else can deliver these reliable results.

Qore Essentials: Promotes energy and protects against fatigue

Scientific Research has demonstrated in numerous studies that the ingredients in Qore Essentials:
Promotes energy and protects against fatigue •
Helps your body maintain healthy cholesterol levels that are within a normal range•
Supports blood pressure levels that are within a normal range•
Supports healthy cardiovascular function•
Maintains the metabolic functions of the body•
Supports healthy liver and immune function •
Key Ingredients: Crown Herb™, Chinese skullcap, and White Korean ginseng

Why to pay attention to your heart and stress levels

Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Heart and Stress Levels
Scientific experts are continually learning more about stress and related illnesses. Stress has been proven to cause illness, increase physical symptoms of illness, and lengthen recovery time. Approximately 50 percent of all general medical patients are suffering from stress-related problems. Stress impacts health by lowering our resistance to disease and making us more vulnerable to illness. Our body responds to emotional stress the same way it reacts to physical danger. When we feel the effects of stress, our health is compromised by a primitive fight or flight response that produces stress hormones even when we are not really in immediate danger. Stress activates the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA), initiating events that increase circulating cortisol. Elevated circulating cortisol inhibits the reproductive, growth hormone, and thyroid axes. Normal cortisol secretion peaks in the early morning, then declines with a peak in the afternoon. When this normal cycle is disrupted, symptoms can include low energy between 3 and 4 p.m., difficulty waking in the morning, anxiety, fatigue unrelieved by rest, salt or sugar cravings, dark circles under the eyes, decreased libido, increased effort required for daily tasks, insomnia, and depressed mood.1 Nearly half of all Americans report that stress has a negative impact on both their personal and professional lives. Experts now conjecture that stress is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease, particularly in conjunction with one or more other risk factors. Chronic life stress and anxiety increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.
Statistically speaking, the chances of dying from cardiovascular disease are 2 out of 5. In the U.S. alone, almost 652,091 people die from this relatively new and preventable disease—that’s about 27% of all U.S. deaths. The six risk factors for heart disease and stroke include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, current smoking, physical inactivity, and obesity. Approximately 37% of adults reported having two or more of these six risk factors. In 2005 alone, deaths from cardiovascular disease accounted for 30% of the deaths worldwide. By 2015, almost 20 million people will die from cardiovascular disease, mainly from heart disease and stroke. These are projected to remain the single leading causes of death.2 The good news is that the risk of cardiovascular disease can be reduced by taking steps to prevent and control the adverse risk factors.

Unveiling of the Crown Herb- Support your CardioVascular System

Doctors and scientists today are gleaning wisdom from the past to find answers for our future—and Qivana is at the forefront of finding these natural solutions. Qivana is the first company in the world to build a product system based on the traditional wisdom and power of a legendary herb: the Crown Herb™. While little is known about the Crown Herb in the Western World, the Chinese have treasured this botanical for centuries for its therapeutic value. Its benefits in the Eastern World are so widely known and accepted that it is used by doctors and hospitals as a valuable medicine, and it was recently named as one of the ten most important herbs at an International Conference on traditional medicine. As further evidence of its significance, it has been called xiancao, or “immortal grass,” and in the United States it is known as “miracle grass”, the Crown Herb, or the Immortality Herb™. Now, backed by the validation of modern-day research and dedicated scientists, this “miracle grass” has emerged as one of the most preeminent and promising natural solutions for our 21st century health concerns.
The research on the Crown Herb has exploded in the last decade and medical experts are now promoting it as a critical component of a modern health regimen. Scientific research is showing the Crown Herb’s rare ability to support multiple systems of the body including the nervous system—brain function, memory, and neuronal re-generation; the cardiovascular system—maintaining healthy cholesterol, blood sugar and fat levels; and balancing metabolic functions—promoting energy and fighting fatigue, and much more. This herb’s extraordinary abilities are in large measure from its abundant supply of saponins. In fact, the Crown Herb has the largest number and greatest diversity of saponins in the world. Saponins are potent phytonutrients with a host of demonstrated benefits in humans. The PubMed database lists over 8,000 independent research papers that explore and explain the benefits of these saponins.

Qore Probiotic Guarantee

Qore Probiotic Guarantee
At Qivana, we are committed to your good health, and we simply provide the highest quality probiotics available. We know their scientific studies. We confirm their genera, species and specific strain, so we know they can work for you. We ensure their potency by testing, and we deliver them alive and active using the absolute finest high-technology available on the planet. Qore Probiotic is patented worldwide. It’s proven. It’s a bit more expensive, but it works where others fail.

Why Qivana Qore Probiotic Works and is unique

Qore™ Probiotic Trisphere™ – A World-Class Delivery System
The Qore Probiotic Trisphere™ is the most advanced probiotic delivery system in the world. The Trisphere protective capsule insulates these beneficial bacteria from the exterior environment, and keeps them viable through broad fluctuations in exterior temperature. One of the most difficult feats for these probiotics is to make it through harsh stomach acid unharmed. Qore Probiotic has shown positive proof of surviving the GI journey and the environment in healthy individuals, as well as favorably increasing the micro-flora population density.35
Most probiotic products state the number of bacteria “at time of manufacturing.” When you buy one of these other probiotic supplements, you have no idea how many of these bacteria are actually alive when you purchase the product. Recent studies show that many of these bacteria die in manufacturing, processing, quality control, warehousing, and transport, making those products completely ineffective in a matter of weeks. Qore Probiotic’s label claim provides a guarantee of the number of organisms that will actually make it into your GI tract alive, viable, and intact. And unlike most probiotics, which require refrigeration, Qore Probiotic is shelf-stable at room temperature for up to 18 months.
Trisphere™ technology is a proprietary triple-layered beadlet that has been shown to be far superior to all other current methods of probiotic delivery systems. In fact, research shows that the Trisphere is 100% more effective at keeping probiotics alive in stomach acid than traditional 2-piece capsules, and 50% more effective than enteric coated 2-piece capsules.
It is important to remember that only a proven probiotic, delivered live to the site of action and benefit, can have the opportunity and potential to make any difference to your health. You could spend more or less money on other products,
but you cannot get a better guaranteed viable and proven potent probiotic
and delivery system. 

Why other probiotic suppliments fail

Why Probiotic Supplements Fail
With new research confirming their importance, consumers are becoming savvy to the benefits of daily probiotic supplements. However, whether or not the supplement can actually promote health will ultimately be determined by the quality and consistency of the strains used, and the delivery system’s ability to keep these organisms alive from the time of manufacturing, until they reach your GI tract.
Datamonitor reported 233 probiotic product launches in 2008, but nutritionists warn that not all the probiotic-containing products found on store shelves provide the health benefits they claim.7 Few of the claims are indeed backed by science, while many are just marketing hype.
For example, it matters little if a label claims that a pill contains 15 billion cfu of bacteria when it was manufactured. It only matters that the bacteria is alive when taken, and then delivered to the site of activity, alive, in tact, and viable. If they are dead when taken, or killed by stomach acid, heat, bile, or digestive secretions, then no health benefits will result. The study investigating this issue determined that of the 55 products evaluated, 40% had undetectable limits of probiotics, and 47% of the bacterial identities were mislabeled.4
In a 2006 study,, which tests nutritional products, found that just eight of 13 probiotic supplements met its quality standards.7
For a probiotics supplement to be effective, it must be delivered alive to its site of action. Most capsules, tablets, powders, liquids, foods, and pills, even if enteric-coated, deliver little if any viable probiotics where they can colonize. These delivery systems are unable to keep these bacteria alive and transport them to the site of action where they can be utilized by the intestinal tract. What this simply means is that even if your system receives the good bacteria, it’s most often dead and in a state that isn’t beneficial or usable to your system. Ultimately, you’re taking a chance by using a probiotic that can’t guarantee its delivery system. In the long run, you may not be receiving the health benefits that you’re hoping and paying for.

What will the Qore Probiotic do for me ?

Qore Probiotic is scientifically designed to:
• Promote healthy digestion and the balance of healthy gut flora
• Improve intestinal ecology and overall well-being
• Reduce lactose intolerance symptoms
• Promote bowel regularity and prevent diarrhea
• Reduce gastrointestinal discomfort
• Improve the level of naturally occurring good bacteria
• Reduce the generation of toxic metabolic end-products
• Support improved nutritional status
• Inhibit the adhesion and/or invasion of pathogenic bacteria, including pathogenic and food-borne microns, onto the intestinal cells
• Support intestinal mucosal immunity (IgA), and activate the modulate specific systemic immunological functions for immune/inflammation protection and infection prevention
• Support oxalate degradation activity
Key ingredients: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium lactis.

Qore Probiotic

Qore™ Probiotic
Qore Probiotic is a revolutionary probiotic supplement created to help replenish healthy bacteria in the gut with a unique and proprietary blend of probiotics. Qore Probiotic helps the digestive system reach its potential by supporting healthy digestion, immune system function, and aiding in nutrient absorption.
Qore Probiotic uses Trisphere™ technology, a proprietary triple-layered beadlet, to deliver our proven bacteria to the intestines. Trisphere technology is the most advanced and revolutionary delivery system available on the planet because it provides a guarantee of the number of organisms that will actually make it
into your GI tract alive, viable, and intact. This delivery method is 100% more effective than traditional two-piece capsules and 50% better than enteric coated two-piece capsules at keeping the bacteria alive and usable, and delivering them to your intestinal tract.

What is a Probiotic ?

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization and the World Health Organization and the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP), calls probiotics, “live microorganisms, which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.”3
Probiotics are tiny organisms that help restore health and balance to the intestinal tract. Probiotics are essentially the opposite of antibiotics and are often referred to as friendly or beneficial bacteria.
Probiotics can be found in some foods like yogurt, olives, kim chee, sauerkraut, buttermilk, aged cheeses, miso, tempeh, cultured dairy products, some juices, and soy beverages.2 However, the most effective way to guarantee that you increase and maintain the amount of healthy bacteria in your system is to take a high-quality probiotic supplement.
Increased research and interest in probiotics in the last decade has led to a greater amount of available products. Americans’ spending on probiotic supplements, for example, nearly tripled from 1994 to 2003.2 However, not all products deliver adequate results. When searching for a probiotic product, it’s essential to find
one that contains enough healthy bacteria, as well as a delivery system that enables the good bacteria to survive harsh stomach acids and reach your gut alive and intact

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